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The Microsoft ecosystem is extensive, powerful, and continually innovates. For this reason, we've developed unique and targeted expertise to guide you in your digital transformation and allow you to harness the full potential of Microsoft's many tools.

We deliver our projects in a climate of collaboration and in perfect synergy with your resources: they become key players who grow in competence with each initiative. Our experts help them develop their ideas and solutions to their full potential within the framework of Microsoft best practices.


The digital transformation of work

Microsoft promises to boost your productivity with the best solutions. But your organization is facing very real realities, such as labour scarcity, increasing workforce pressures, and the need to do more with less. The status quo presents risks, and change is essential.

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Migrating to cloud computing

Over the years, you've invested considerable resources in building a high-performance technological infrastructure; making the leap to cloud computing has become inevitable. Our Microsoft 365 migration experts are dedicated to your success and want to hear about your project!

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Business intelligence and data valuation

Data valuation is valuable to organizations because it allows them to better understand the value of their digital assets and make informed decisions about how to use, manage and monetize them or simply use them to improve organizational effectiveness.

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Project management

When it comes to project portfolio management, each organization is unique with respect to maturity, implementation of project management practices and use of specific tools. idexia ensures that each client receives the appropriate expert services.

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Solution integration and custom development

When it becomes necessary to extend the integration of solutions with your mission systems or leverage Azure functionalities, our SharePoint / Dynamics / .Net / Azure and Power Platform development experts will work to achieve a harmonious, durable and easy to maintain integration, while respecting Microsoft's best development practices

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Organizational efficiency and AI

Organizational efficiency can be achieved by optimizing and automating business processes with the Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Cognitive Services machine learning integration then becomes possible. Take your organization to the next level!

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